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Podcast episode

Jul 07, 2022

So.....I was a guest on a podcast! I engaged in an informative discussion with Cara Tambellini Danielson from @caraspeech on her podcast Early Education Matters with Cara Speech.  The topic of the podcast is Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech in Young Children.  Here is the link:                . 

These are the topics that we discussed:

1) What are pre-language skills?

2) Techniques to stimulate early language skills

3) What is Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Suspected CAS?

4) How do we treat suspected CAS?

The conversation was over an hour and covered a lot of ground. 

Parents: You will learn techniques that you can easily work into the daily routine to stimulate your child's language skills.  I provide many play based examples that you can get started with right away. You are already spending time playing with your child, this information will help you make the most of that time together. I also encourage you to visit Cara's website  She has an online course for parents called "Helping Your Child Communicate".

Clinicians: If you work with the 0-3 population, it is really important to understand the difference between a language based, and a motor based therapy approach.  In your career as an early intervention speech therapist, you will likely encounter a child that does not respond to traditional language based therapy techniques.  You may suspect childhood apraxia of speech but are not sure when you can use that diagnosis.  This podcast will clarify that for you. 

Check out my post of instagram for more information on Suspected CAS in the 0-3 population.

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Free Target Selection Handout for CAS

Learn how to choose target words for minimally verbal children, understand

multisensory cueing, and other do's and don'ts in apraxia therapy.