Childhood Apraxia of Speech Demystified

Learn how to treat childhood apraxia of speech with a DTTC trained and PROMPT-certified therapist

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Childhood Apraxia of Speech


Learn how to treat childhood apraxia of speech with  a DTTC trained and PROMPT-certified therapist

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Apraxia Courses

Are you a speech therapist looking to treat childhood apraxia of speech? Select one of our courses below!

Treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech; A Practical Guide

Learn everything you need to know to start effectively treating childhood apraxia of speech!

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Toys and Tools in Apraxia Therapy

 Learn how to incorporate the use of toys into your apraxia therapy

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C.A.S. Roadmap for Parents

Empower yourself to support your child through apraxia therapy.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech in the Early Intervention Population

Learn how to identify children with suspected childhood apraxia of speech and how treatment differs from a language based therapy approach

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Power Word Resource

This fan-favorite resource helps you choose meaningful, powerful words for apraxia therapy. 

With LOTS of toy and activity suggestions to elicit those power words! 

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I have been a pediatric speech language pathologist for over 20 years. I specialize in apraxia and other speech sound disorders.  I developed these courses to help other speech therapists feel more confident in treating childhood apraxia of speech.

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What People are Saying

Laura R. Parent 

"Alonna has a talent for explaining things so well, that even a parent can understand.   I felt like I had a much better understanding of CAS.  I could also help my daughter at home and further understand what and why my daughters speech therapist was doing in a session.  I received many great toy/game ideas to play with my daughter and help her with speech. Overall I highly recommend this course to any parent who wants to learn more about CAS and would like to  give added support to their child at home.!!"

Suzanne Aldrich, SLP @playingspeech

I just finished taking this course,Treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A Practical Guide, and the title could not be more appropriate. Alonna has done a fantastic job of walking you through everything you need to know to ACTUALLY work with children who have CAS. She covers all aspects of CAS intervention - from assessment and identification to treatment and carryover! I have never taken such a comprehensive course on apraxia - and I have taken a lot of courses! I really love how she included SO MANY videos of actual therapy, so you can see what CAS therapy looks like. I can not recommend this course enough for clinicians or parents who want to deepen their knowledge of CAS!

Tali Kellerstein, S-LP (C) @thespeakboutique

Toys and Tools in Apraxia is a treasure trove of ideas for incorporating speech sound work into an array of toys, books and digital resources. A fabulous resource-run-through for new clinicians, with fresh ideas for experienced SLPs as well, Alonna’s course is clearly presented, the modules are thoughtfully sequenced and the suggestions immediately actionable. The course features many videos showing the toys and tools in actual therapy. Thoughtful target selection and lots of repetition are key ingredients in therapy for speech sound disorders in general, and apraxia therapy in particular. Toys and Tools in Apraxia and the power word document that accompanies it are helpful and practical guides for clinicians wishing to bring these ingredients to life.

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