Do you want to target

your apraxia goals

in play? 


You can learn to use toys and other resources, 

to effectively treat,

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS),     

with just one course!



Toys and Tools

in Apraxia Therapy

Learn Everything You Need to Know to Make Therapy fun and Motivational and

Help Your Clients Succeed


This course will teach you:

  • The benefits of using play to target your apraxia goals 
  • How to combine language and apraxia goals in the same activity
  • Get access to a 150 Page "Power Word" Document with all of my favorite toys and resources categorized by sound and frequently targeted words
  • How to organize your toys and resources
  • How to create your own "power word" list
  • Why some toys and resources are more useful than others for targeting apraxia goals
  • Learn how to plan your sessions

Plus you'll have access to an exclusive Facebook group to ask questions and share toy ideas with your peers


Why Do You Need This Course?

  • No more struggling to think of a toy or resource to elicit those repetitions of your target word
  • Learn how to use the toys and resources that you already own and create a power word document for them
  • Feel confident using play to target your apraxia goals
  • Learn ideas for parent / caregiver carryover

This course will walk you through absolutely everything you need to know, to use toys and resources effectively in apraxia therapy, so you can help your clients succeed!

What's Included In The Course

This course contains EVERYTHING you need to be confident using toys and other resources to target CAS.

The lessons are short, easy to understand, and designed to fit into a busy schedule. 

You'll get:

  • 16 Easily Digestible Video Lessons
  • How to set up your session using play
  • More Than 20 Play-Based Therapy Video Demonstrations 
  • Access to private Facebook group for sharing more toy and play ideas
  • Links to Products & Resources to Help You in Your Therapy
  • An invaluable 150 page "POWER WORD" toy document  to make treatment planning easy 
  • You will receive a certificate for 3.5 professional development hours,  which can be used toward your ASHA  requirements.
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Toys and Tools


Apraxia Therapy




Benefits of Using Toys in Apraxia Therapy

 Learn why play is a very effective way to target motor speech goals.

Choosing toys and resources to match your goal 

What toys and resources to use for your target words?


"Power Word" Document

How to use this valuable document to make session planning easy.


How to Create Your Own "Power Word" Document

Learn how to create a power word document with your own therapy toys and materials.


How to Set Up Your Therapy Session

Learn how to plan your activities to best target therapy goals.


Books in Apraxia Therapy

How to use books effectively to elicit repetitions of target words


How to Use Lessonpix


What is Lessonpix and how do I use it to create custom activities for my clients?


Powerpoint in Apraxia Therapy


Learn how to easily create  resources to customize therapy for your clients specific goals


Boom Cards in Apraxia Therapy


I will show you my favorite boom cards to target power words in Apraxia therapy.


Useful Apps for Apraxia Therapy 

I will show you the apps that I use to elicit many power words in Apraxia therapy. 



 What is Pic Collage and How Do I Use it in Apraxia Therapy?

I will teach you how to use this app to easily create customized materials for you client 



Useful TPT resources

I will show you the TPT resources that I use to elicit many power words in Apraxia therapy


How to Extend Your Activities to Elicit More Repetitions

 Learn ways to keep your client engaged and elicit more repetitions of your target words. 

My Favorite Toys

If I had to pick 10 toys, what would they be? 





Using Toys to Target Later Developing Sounds / Articulation Errors

I will show you my favorite toys / resources to engage your older clients.



Video Demonstrations 

See actual play-based apraxia therapy in action




This Course Is For You If...

  • You don't want to spend excessive time planning your sessions
  • You want to target your apraxia goals in a fun meaningful way
  • You want to feel confident using toys and other resources to treat CAS

Please note: This course will not teach you how to treat Apraxia. 

I have a separate course, Treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech; A Practical Guide

Learn more about my Apraxia course

I'm Alonna Bondar

I am a PROMPT certified pediatric speech language pathologist with over 20 years of experience. I specialize in apraxia and other speech sound disorders. I enjoy working with children with various diagnoses, especially those with down syndrome and autism.

Early on in my career as speech language pathologist, there were some children that were not making appropriate progress utilizing a language based therapy approach. I began researching other treatment methods and realized that childhood apraxia of speech was the underlying issue.  Therefore, these children needed a motor based speech approach. 

Over the years I have worked with countless clients with CAS and trained dozens of SLPs. It became apparent that it was difficult for therapists to find a course that is easy to understand, engaging, and fully prepares them to work with CAS clients.

I am passionate about CAS education and teaching clinicians effective ways to target their Apraxia therapy goals.

"Alonna does it again! This course is speech therapy GOLD! If you have ever wondered how to use toys to do play-based speech therapy with children with apraxia od speech – or any speech sound disorders, really – then this is the course you NEED to take.

Alonna takes play to the next level by showing you SO MANY original ways to customize toys and materials to your client’s goals and interests. She shares how to get high repetitions of targets during play-based activities that are engaging and fun! I walked away with so many new ideas to use with my caseload. And, as someone who has been doing this type of therapy myself for a while, that says a whole lot!

I also have to mention the incredible “power word” document she created that comes with this course. It’s everything every SLP wishes they had. Alonna broke down common target words BY SOUND and then gave you all the toy and activity recommendations to target that specific word. It’s an incredible resource that saves you time coming up with activities."

-Suzanne Aldrich, SLP @playingspeech



"Toys and Tools in Apraxia is a treasure trove of ideas for incorporating speech sound work into an array of toys, books and digital resources. A fabulous resource-run-through for new clinicians, with fresh ideas for experienced SLPs as well, Alonna’s course is clearly presented, the modules are thoughtfully sequenced and the suggestions immediately actionable. The course features many videos showing the toys and tools in actual therapy. Thoughtful target selection and lots of repetition are key ingredients in therapy for speech sound disorders in general, and apraxia therapy in particular. Toys and Tools in Apraxia and the power word document that accompanies it are helpful and practical guides for clinicians wishing to bring these ingredients to life."  

-Tali Kellerstein, S-LP (C) @thespeakboutique

"Alonna Bondar's Toys and Tools in Apraxia Therapy online course is outstanding! As a clinician practicing for over a decade, and specializing in Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), I appreciate how rich this course is in terms of organization, thoroughness, resources, and applicable/functional examples and tools. Each of the 16 modules following the introduction provided a deep dive into a topic. The skills she shares regarding the integration of play and practice (both physical and virtual sites and apps) to meet client goals can easily be generalized to children on your early language development caseload without a CAS diagnosis. This course would be a game-changer for early-career SLPs and clinical fellows, and still has training and resources that can help polish a more seasoned SLP’s practice. Alonna has developed a course with tremendous value that enables pediatric SLPs to make their sessions more playfully engaging, effective, and successful."

- Mehreen Kakwan, SLP @moxieslp




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